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    Rose Heart Healing Services

Greetings Beloved,


All systems of well being are related and interconnected.  I focus on the Heart Chakra region as a center from which healing can radiate outward and connect with the other chakras, the central nervous system, and energy pathways.


Healing the traumas of heartbreak, heartache and heart-grief, and the depressions of soul and spirit can help you to transform your life.  I use the gentle restorative power of the Rose Quartz Crystal and other natural healing tools as well as counseling to help in healing emotional hearts that have been damaged from loss of self, children, relationships, culture and spirit.  I am especially gifted at identifying patterns that contribute to soul weariness.



Let me assist you in cultivating your own healing. 


The first 30 minute Rose Heart Healing consultation is free and my gift to you.

Additional services include:


  1. Spiritual Consultation
  2. Spiritual Life Coaching (For Teens and Adults)
  3. Prayer Service
  4. Meditation
  5. House Cleansing
  6. House Blessings
  7. Grief Counseling
  8. DeathWalking



     I can be contacted by, we can consult by Skype @majadi or Rev. Majadi Baruti. You may also leave a message here and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Call to set an appointment at 205-413-1375



Thank you for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as possible, Goddess bless you
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Much of the concept of Rose Heart Healing Services, including the name, is inspired by Susan Diane Mitchell, my beloved companion and life partner who suffers from a Chiari I Malformation and Fibromyalgia.



   Susan's physical issues began years ago prior to our meeting and have presented problems for her for as long. Unfortunately, she did not have someone with whom to share her issues (a matter of heart), and she would live often in agony alone. 



In the summer of 2012, I started looking into the healing properties of a beautiful Rose Quartz that a sweet and dear friend had given me. It was a gift for my assistance with her own heart related matters relative to her nephew.  That summer Susan and I went deeper into study of spirit and healing. I had been working with her body for a while with healing touch and energy work to calm the painful affects of the Fibromyalgia and Chiari I Malformation. My sweet Susan went through different diagnoses, tests, consultations, evaluations and definitions of what it was that ailed her.  She experienced a lack of being heard by the medical community that is far to commonplace. Frustration and misery ensued, caused by the inability of the allopathic methods used by the medical profession.  



     I continued working with Susan, being guided by the Most High Goddess to help her in ways that I did not know of from any kind of training. We have found that many of the maladies affecting women, Black Women especially are inflicted from ancient trauma and current oppression, as well as from self-inflicted wounds. These wounds and pain affect the heart chakra.

The Great Goddess guides my hands and my heart, moves my spirit and fires my soul to work in healing heart trauma. Susan has since inspired me take what she spoke of as Goddess given gifts in healing with my hands and heart to work for others. I am now in tune with wondrous and powerful energies from Goddess. I am using these energies to help Black Women in particular, and other marginalized Women and their families toward wellness.  


Let me help you my love, let me assist your heart in healing...

In the words of my beloved...


 “Women are often found doing too much, suffering from self-inflicted pain, especially Black Women. Black Women who often experience soul weariness and pain due to the trauma from violent death from previous lives under patriarchy religions are often walking testimonies of Spirit. Not only do we carry the weight of the world but we feel the pain of the world, and Rose Heart Healing is specifically designed to heal that pain away and to get us in touch with our true beauty and true essence deep within.” 


~Susan Diane Mitchell, Meri-T Seshat

The beauty of Rose Quartz